Confirmation & First Eucharist Preparation

Preparation Classes for the Sacraments of Confirmation & 1st Eucharist traditionally take place during the 3rd grade year of students R.E. Classes. If the student has already prepared for the Sacrament of 1st Reconciliation (Confession) in 2nd Grade, preparation then takes place during the Spring Semester of 3rd Grade. If a student enters R.E. after 3rd Grade, the student can sign up for preparation classes for these Sacraments during the 2nd year of their R.E. (or Edge or Quo Vadis) classes after preparing for 1st Reconciliation.

Confirmation & 1st Eucharist Preparation will take place in the Spring Semester of 2022. 

  • The student must be registered in the SFdA R.E., Edge or Quo Vadis programs. 
  • There will be guided instruction as well as at home preparation.  
  • There will be a mandatory rehearsal to attend as well.
  • Dates of the classes, that will take place during R.E., Edge or Quo Vadis, will be given once the student has been registered for Confirmation & 1st Eucharist Preparation.


Please contact Cathy Carlsen or Katherine Buckley to get more information on how to register for Confirmation & 1st Eucharist preparation.

Cathy Carlsen

Director of Religious Education: K-5 Grades

  • 928-779-1341 ext 113


Registrations for Confirmation & 1st Eucharist Classes will be available during R.E. Sacrament Sign Up Night – To be announced.

Please contact Cathy Carlsen for more information about signing up.