Quo Vadis High School Youth Group (Grades 9-12)

Quo Vadis is our Catholic High School youth ministry program and its name comes from the Legend of Quo Vadis.

Registration for 2023-2024 is now open!

Quo Vadis Youth Night

Our Quo Vadis Youth Nights are on Wednesday nights starting with extra hangout time at 6:45pm, then the actual Youth Night from 7:00-8:30pm. We have time for games, snack, a talk, small group to discuss and ask the questions you really want answers to. It’s a safe place to come, make friends and grow in our faith. Come join us on Wednesday nights and don’t forget to invite your friends!

High School Sacrament Preparation

If your youth is in need of any Sacraments, please contact Katherine Buckley at 928-779-1341 ext 112 or kbuckley@sfdaparish.org.

The Legend of Quo Vadis

The night before St. Peter was crucified, he heard that he would be arrested the next day. So he fled Rome. As Peter is leaving, along the Via Appia, he has a vision of Jesus carrying the cross heading towards Rome. St. Peter asks our Lord, “Quo Vadis?” which means “where are you going?” Jesus responds that he is going to be crucified because he, Peter, won’t. St. Peter has a conversion of heart, turns around and goes back to Rome, where his is arrested and crucified upside down the next morning.

“Quo Vadis?” is such an important question to ask the Lord at any point in your life but, in particular, it is a very important question to ask as a high schooler. High school is exciting and hard especially as you transition from middle school to high school and then high school to the next step. Teens become adults during this time and it is important to have a safe space to find community and support as they consider who they are and who they want to be in the context of asking Jesus where He is going. Quo Vadis is that safe and fun space where they can hangout, enjoy each others’ company, ask those questions they really want answered and discuss how those answers actually apply to them.

At Quo Vadis we are here for you wherever you are in your faith journey whether you have no relationship with God, you have a great relationship with God but want to go even deeper, or somewhere in between. Quo Vadis is a place where you can be yourself and you are given the opportunity to encounter Christ and find true Joy and Peace.

Katherine Buckley

Director of Youth Ministry: 6-12 Grades

  • 928-779-1341 ext 112

Youth Ministry Mission & Vision

Rebuild on the foundation of Christ. Reach out to share the Gospel. Rejoice in the sacramental life.

For More Information

Please contact Katherine Buckley with questions and for registration.