First Reconciliation (First Confesstion) Preparation

It is called the Sacrament of Reconciliation, because it imparts to the sinner the love of God who reconciles: "Be reconciled to God." He who lives by God's merciful love is ready to respond to the Lord's call: "Go; first be reconciled to your brother."

Catechism of the Catholic Church

1st Reconciliation (1st Confession) preparation will happen in the Fall Semester for students that are in 2nd Grade or older and already baptized.

  • The student must be registered in the SFdA R.E., Edge or Quo Vadis programs.
  • Students must also be registered for the 1st Reconciliation Preparation Program.
  • Dates of the classes will be given to the parent once the student has been registered for 1st Reconciliation Preparation.
  • Registration for this program will happen at the Sacrament Sign Up Event.

Cathy Carlsen

Director of Religious Education: K-5 Grades

  • 928-779-1341 ext 113


Registrations for 1st Reconciliation Preparation will be available during the Sacrament Sign Up Event – To be announced.

Please contact Cathy Carlsen for more information.